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You may be asking yourself why bookkeeping practices that cost business owners thousands and even tens of thousands every year are so common.  After all bookkeeping is supposed to be easy right?  


Simply put as our tax law has evolved and become more complex large companies have begun to divide their accounting departments into different functional groups.  Bookkeepers being one of them.  You see it doesn't make sense for a large company to employ an accounting department full of tax accountants.  Traditionally bookkeepers are strictly data entry so the CFOs can focus on analyzing the financial data and the tax accountants can focus on reducing the tax bill.  And this works great for large companies that need a large staff...


But what about small companies?


Having a bookkeeper simply entering data and running reports is not enough!  You need someone who is going to develop bookkeeping procedures for YOUR business and your market.  Someone who is aware of the tax treatments of special transactions and can identify those to help you stay compliant and partake in active tax planning.


Honey Hive Bookkeeping was founded by accounting professionals who cleaned up the repercussions of new clients who had used low quality bookkeepers.  And we knew there had to be a better way.  


Our processes are developed by licensed tax professionals and degreed accountants.  We focus on not only the tax implications of your bookkeeping, but also the financial literacy of our clients so they can make informed financial business decisions.  Our staff includes degreed accountants and Enrolled Agents (an IRS license allowing unlimited practice rights before the IRS).


As a thank you for checking us out and downloading our free EBook we would like to offer you a 30 minute bookkeeping strategy call with one of our staff Enrolled Agents.  You can claim your free strategy session below.


Sincerely Yours,

Honey Hive Bookkeeping

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