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What Qualifications Do Your Bookkeepers Have?

We assign a minimum of two bookkeepers/accountants to each account for internal and quality control purposes.  At a minimum one of those bookkeepers holds a bachelors in accounting or related field along with having years of experience in the industry.  Many of our bookkeepers also hold professional certifications and are certified in the accounting programs we utilize.  All of our bookkeepers are located in the U.S., have undergone a background check, and have been trained in our workflow systems.  We do not use contracted bookkeepers, so we know exactly who is working on your books and what knowledge/skill set they possess.  We take pride in the quality of bookkeepers we provide.

What Accounting Programs Do You Use?

We utilize Quickbooks Online, AccountingSuite, and Xero for the majority of our clients.  We also use Quickbooks Desktop.  If you have a specific program need please reach out to us.

What Do You Outsource?

All of our services are provided through Honey Hive Bookkeepers except our payroll and HR services.  We partner with payroll providers like ADP to provide a more robust payroll and HR platform although Honey Hive is still involved in the processing, review, and approval of payroll.  

How Are Clients Billed?

When you first sign up for services if you order through the website you'll pay for your initial invoice.  We will then set you up on a recurring monthly service auto payment from your bank account or credit card for your subscription.  Your monthly fee will come out on the first of every month.

What Is Your Turn Around Time?

We are in your books on a weekly basis which allows us to have faster turn around times than many bookkeeping services.  We pull statements as they are prepared if we have read only access to your accounts.  If you upload statements for us our turn around time depends on the timeliness of your uploads.  You can typically expect to have your open items sheet within a week of your statements being uploaded.  Our goal is to have client books closed no later than the 15th of the following month as long as source documents and statements have been uploaded in a timely fashion.

Do You Prepare Taxes?

We do not prepare taxes through Honey Hive Bookkeeping, but we have tax partners that we use to help our clients with their tax preparation, tax representation, and tax planning needs.

I'm Not Sure What Services I Need.

No problem, we can work with you to discover your pain points and put together a custom service package.

Will You Communicate With My Tax Professional?

Of course, as long as you give us the okay we will communicate with your tax professional to create a smoother tax filing experience.


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