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Accountant Program


You want to grow the advisory or tax side of your firm, but you need a comprehensive bookkeeping solution for your clients.  We provide an accountant program to meet your needs so you can keep your clients happy and focus on what you want to.

We were made by accountants, for accountants.

Our accountant program is a multi-faceted program designed to help tax, accounting, and advisory firms grow their business.  In addition to our amazing services we provide a discount for our accounting partners that they can either pass along to their clients or use to make passive income for their firm.  Our referral program is absolutely free.  Below are some of our favorite features of our accountant program.

  • 100% Free Program, no certification costs, no membership fees

  • Discounts on our services, we provide a 10% discount on all services outside of payroll.  That discount increases to 25% off of our core bookkeeping packages if you opt out of our monthly analysis service we include in our bookkeeping package

  • Tailored reporting sent directly to your Honey Hive cloud storage account.  No more waiting for your client to send you their statements

  • Both client facing and back office models.  If you want to keep your clients completely in your brand we are more than happy to provide back office support for a white-label experience

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