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Accounts Payable Management


Bill pay made easy.  We help you nurture your relationships with your vendors with our bill pay services.   

We take care of paying your bills while you focus on managing your company.  When you come on board to our accounts payable management services we work with you to create a schedule for your monthly bills.  Paying your vendors on time and consistently nurtures your vendor relationships, scheduling them to ensure appropriate cash flow allows you to keep your business healthy.

We use your vendor's online bill pay services and your banks bill pay features to schedule bill payments.  If you need additional systems in place we provide a bill pay platform for an additional fee.   Please request a custom quote for pricing.

Accounts Payable Work Flow

When setting up your accounts payable services we work with you to customize a bill pay schedule for your recurring bills that helps you maximize your cash flows.  Bills are processed and scheduled once a week.


Your bills are uploaded to our cloud storage for processing.


Bills to be entered and scheduled the following week are submitted Wednesday by midnight EST.

We pull the bills from our cloud storage and enter them into accounts payable by Friday.  Totals are sent to you so you can ensure funds are available.


The bills are scheduled for payment the following Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on the schedule determined during your accounts payable set up.  This allows funds to be transferred and clear the bank before the payments are pulled.

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