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Payroll Processing and Filing and HR Services


Because your payroll, HR, and employee benefit packages should be just as innovative as your company.


Everything you need to manage your employees packaged with your bookkeeping.  Our partnership with payroll providers allows you to build the perfect employee package.

We partner with payroll providers to create a premium payroll experience.  Our payroll includes time tracking capabilities, paid time off policies, time approval requests, and more.  We file all quarterly and annual filings along with your W2s.  


$70 per month plus $16 per month per employee

HR Add On $79 per month

Provides full access to HR Resource Center and HR Professionals through our payroll providers.  Must be purchased with payroll services.

Pricing for businesses with 941 requirements, if you are an agriculture business and need form 943 please contact us for pricing.

Looking to expand your benefits for your employees?  We also are able to offer other benefits through our Gusto partnership including health benefits, retirement plans, workers comp, HSA, FSA, and more.  Please contact us to request a quote.


Gusto offers two options for direct deposit, 4 day and 2 day.  Our workflow depends on which you qualify for.  For Friday direct deposits the workflow will look like the following:

HR Information System.png

We work with you to make sure you are collecting the information you need as you onboard your employees.  This is an ongoing task, but must be done prior to the first payroll is submitted.  Our payroll processors make collecting this information easy.

Time Tracking.png

Depending on your package level we either pull your employee's time information from the time tracking system in our payroll package or you send in your employee's time information by Friday at midnight EST for 4 day or Monday at midnight EST for 2 day or paper checks.

We submit your payroll Monday for 4 day direct deposit and Wednesday for 2 day direct deposit.  If you are writing paper checks for your employees we submit payroll Wednesday.  Once payroll is submitted we send you the totals.

Payroll Administration.png

Funds are pulled from your account the day after payroll is submitted for direct deposit.  Your employees have access to their paystubs.  Taxes are filed and remitted as due.  W-2s are filed annually on your behalf.  As these are prepared we upload all of the documents to your cloud storage.

Pay Slip.png
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