In addition to your base plan you will need to add employees for payroll.  We charge a flat rate per employee on top of the base rate for payroll.  

Payroll Employee

  • Once a payment has been made it is nonrefundable, if you select a lower package than required for your business size we will require payment  for the difference prior to beginning work.  If you purchase a package that is larger than you need we will credit the difference towards future services.  Payment for ongoing service is due at the first of each month.  If you currently have a subscription to one of our supported cloud accounting programs you can add us as a user and we can work with your subscription, if you do not currently have a subscription we will provide one for you.  If you want a specific program or subscription level you must reach out to us prior to purchasing a package as there may be an additional cost.  By paying for a service you are agreeing to our service agreement.