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Accounts Receivables Management


Spend less time sending out invoices and following up on payments and more time working with your clients.

Our accounts receivables management services allow you to focus on working with your clients while we take care of invoicing.  When you come on board to our accounts receivables management services we work with you to create terms for your clients that encourage prompt payment to increase your cash flows.  We set parameters for invoice payment timelines so you can always stay on top of your client's payments.  Our pricing includes emailing invoices, if you would like your invoices printed and mailed please reach out to us so we can provide a custom quote for printing and postage charges.

Invoices must contain 10 or fewer line items.  Additional line items will be treated as additional invoices (so an invoice with 20 line items would be considered 2 invoices for billing purposes).  

Accounts Receivables Work Flow

When setting up your accounts receivables services we work with you to customize payment terms, the process for submitting invoices to us, and late payment procedures.  Invoices are processed once a week and sent at the frequency determined during your set up.


Your charge sheets are uploaded to our cloud storage by you and your employees.


Invoices to be entered the following week are submitted by midnight EST on Friday.

We pull the invoices from cloud storage and enter them into your accounting program.  They are entered by Friday the week after they were submitted.


Invoices are sent based on the schedule you specify in during your A/R set up.  We flag invoices that have not been paid by the due date and follow the custom procedures for overdue invoices for your company.

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